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Here's how to add & find recommendations. . .

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How to search for recommendations 
by city.

1. Tap the search icon on the bottom navigation bar​​, type the name of the city.

2. Once the city map has populated, clear the search bar (delete the city name you typed) and places will populate.

3. Search who has recommendations in a specific city.

How to add a 

1. Tap '+ Add' in the top right corner,

enter the business name.

What can I do on SeekPeak?

  • Share your recommendations from around the world - anything lifestyle and travel related.

  • See what your friends, experts and tastemakers recommend.

  • See who has recommendations in a specific city

  • Check out our NOTABLE users for a tasteful starting point.

  • See on a live map what around you has recommendations - and from who!

  • Plan your next trip, saving places you find

  • Add other members and collaborate together, leave notes for one another, share details and see it all on a live map. (ps. these are private! Only visible to trip members!)

  • Set up lists and save anything you'd like to them. 

  • Look up a business like you would on Google - but see who recommends them and why.

  • Contact a business directly - by text, phone, website, email...whatever they've shared with us.

  • Dream. 

  • Share joy.

  • Explore the world. 

Be sure to checkout our USER GUIDES for a helping hand getting started. 


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