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How to make a


See who you know has recommendations in

a specific city.

Plan your next trip.

Create an UPCOMING TRIP and save the places you find to it.

Your UPCOMING TRIP's are available from anywhere in SeekPeak via the bottom navigation bar.


From the TRIPS homepage, click '+' to create a new trip.


seekpeak navigation bar trips.png
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How to make an upcoming trip.png

Plan with friends.

Collaborate with other users. 

Everyone added to a trip can contribute.

You can also include notes with the places you add.



Here is how you create a new list.

Create a custom List to save

places to.

You can create your own guides, or save places you find to remember for later.

Make a List for whatever you'd like. We're not here to tell you how to live your life, just provide you some tools to make it easier (and more organized).

Here is how you add a place

to your List. 

You can also add a place to any one of your List's from the home feed, or a business profile by tapping the TAB

How to Create a List & Add Places. 

The process is the same for Past & Upcoming Trips. However, for Trips you can add collaborators to plan together. You can also set dates.