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Elevate your Client Experience.

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While saving
time and money.

SeekPeak is a travel and lifestyle platform for discerning travellers, with tools for Travel Agents to elevate their client experience and engagement.

See the SeekPeak


Sophisticated Client Plans

Easy to make and impress with.

User Friendly.

Easy to use and navigate, SeekPeak was thoughtfully designed with user experience at top of mind. Even the most novice of digital user will be able to learn and master our features and navigate SeekPeak. 

Described as "a joy to use" SeekPeak combines editorial cool with the utility of Google - resulting in a high-design database of Travel recommendations, with tools to better organize. 

Auto-Generated Maps.

Lists and upcoming trips automatically generate maps - showing the location of every business you (or your client) have added. 

Any time a business is added, the list is updated without you having to do anything more.

Add any Business,

Add restaurants, spas, shopping, attractions, and more to your client's itinerary. Anything you or your client can imagine to add to a plan, or recommend, will be found on SeekPeak. 

Powered by Google - all businesses have automatically generated profile which include accurate contact details, fast links and show any recommendations they've received. 

Collaborative between you and your Client.

Both you and your client can add places and notes to shared Lists and Upcoming Trips.

The result? Seamless collaboration. Clients can show you exactly what they have in mind and want you to book, or perhaps ask you a question about a specific place. 

On an Impressive Platform 

Invite your clients to plan and connect with you on a network of top-quality travel recommendations.

Socially Networked

Access to the Favourite Places of Notable Experts
(like Canada's Top Chef, star designers, artists, food critics and more) 

Worldwide Content 

Advanced Tech

Accurate Business Details

Pragmatic Planning Tools

We make it easy to make you look good.

Limited Time Offer.

Reach out to learn more and secure Intro Pricing - available now until Nov.15.

One Platform, Many Functions.

Making it easier to better impress your clients. 

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Better Understand your Client

Gain meaningful insight into their tastes and expectations with personal profiles that share their favourite places and travel experience.

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Create Beautiful Trip Plans

Create sophisticated plans in minutes; with restaurants, spas, shopping, attractions - anything you or your client can imagine can be added.


All necessary details are automatically pulled from Google. 

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Automated Trip Maps

Maps are automatically generated for every Trip or List you make - and update with every change.

Changes made to all plans happen in real time.

SeekPeak Travel Agent Plans.jpg

Collaborate and Communicate

Both you and your client's can add places to Trips and Lists, with personal notes. See what they want to see, and why. Share the places you think they'll like. Add the bookings you've made for them with any necessary notes.


Connect your Clients to VIP Travel Tips

Connect your clients to VIP recommendations - see the favourite places of SeekPeak Notables who include Canada's Top Chef, food critics, star designers, artists and more highly respected tastemakers.


Establish your Personal Brand

Claim your Travel Agent verified profile and share your travel experience, knowledge and taste with a growing community of discerning travellers. 



Learn More.

Book a call with SeekPeak to learn more about how we can elevate your Travel business.

Why SeekPeak?


No Design $$.

Chic, custom client plans without the need to hire a designer.


Better Plans in Less Time.

More detailed, holistic plans for your clients - with less work for you thanks to networked automation.


No manual entries.

Our Google plug-in ensures every business you want to add is available without you having to add details and photos yourself.


Key Insights.

See your client's favourite places for better-than-ever insight into their taste.

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