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Our Commitment to Indigenous Voices and Enterprises.

Indigenous and female founded by a husband and wife team in the Treaty 7 Region, Calgary; Jason is Cree from Red Pheasant First Nation in Saskatchewan. His father was the first Indigenous lawyer in Western Canada and also the founder of what is now the Assembly of First Nations.  


SeekPeak provides access to “the best” places and experiences via referrals from those in the know, facilitating connection to authentic people and the businesses they love. On SeekPeak it’s not about how many reviews a business has, but who recommends it. With this, we ensure the inclusion of businesses from outside the mainstream - as unlike other review sites, it’s not high traffic volume that provides visibility but rather the specific referral of a SeekPeak member; in particular a “Notable” member. 


“Notables” are industry experts, tastemakers and other prominent persons that we have invited to join and share their lifestyle and travel recommendations with us. They are displayed at the top of our homepage and suggested to all members as a starting point to discover great places through. 


With the inclusion of Indigenous creators, visionaries, entrepreneurs and tastemakers among our Notables we hope to include an Indigenous lens through which to discover and connect to Indigenous culture, brands businesses and tourism. 


Inviting people to share their favourite places from around the world is an opportunity to shine a light on small corners and communities outside the scope of mainstream media and review sites. We are committed to ensuring the light shines brightly on Indigenous communities, brands and businesses by including and uplifting Indigenous voice and experience. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more, we invite you reach out to us at






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