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We're new, so our FAQ is admittedly small. If you need help with something not mentioned here - please don't hesitate to reach out
How do I make a Recommendation?

1. Search for the place you want to recommend by name, using the search icon on the bottom toolbar.

2. Type the name of the place you want to recommend into the search bar at the top of this page

3. ....wait for the search result to populate

4. Hit the 'RECOMMEND' button for the the place you want to recommend

You can also RECOMMEND a place directly from their business profile.

5. The 'Create Recommendation' page will open where you can add photos or a description - but you don't have to. 

6. Whether you have added a description, photos or not - you can hit the 'RECOMMEND' button and your recommendation will be made

7. Recommendations automatically save to your profile, and are shown on that business's profile

Can I "LIKE" someone else's recommendation?

Yes! Hit the heart on their recommendation. 

How do I switch to MAP VIEW?

When on the SEARCH page, hit the MAP icon to toggle to MAP VIEW  (as circled below)

swith to map view SeekPeak.jpeg
How do I make an Upcoming Trip?




How do I add other people (collaborators) to my Upcoming Trip?


How do I add to my Upcoming Trip?


How do I make a List?


How do I add to my List?

In the Meantime, Join the List. 

Be among the first invited to join.

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